April 29, 2017

Recent Homes

Davidson Pond:

Lot 3 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 4 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 5 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 6 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 7 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 8 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 11 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 12 Davidson Pond  (Available)
Lot 13 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 14 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 15 Davidson Pond: Closed
Lot 16 Davidson Pond  (Available)
Lot 17 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 18 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 19 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 20 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 21 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 22 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 23 Davidson Pond (Under Contract)
Lot 24 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 25 Davidson Pond: Closed
Lot 26 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 27 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 28 Davidson Pond  (Available)
Lot 30 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 31 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 33 Davidson Pond  (Available)
Lot 35 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 36 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 37 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 38 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 39 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)
Lot 40 Davidson Pond  (Under Contract)

Falls Cove:
284 Streamwood Rd, Troutman NC: Closed

The Farms:
365 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
353Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
315 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
331 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
323 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
105 Linden Falls Court: Closed
122 Hammer Smith: Closed
113 Hoskins House Court: Closed
165 W. Callicutt: Closed
151 Freshwater Lane: Closed
110 Stamford:  Closed
108 Hoskins House Court: Closed

The Harbor:
120 Hunters Pointe Lane, Mooresville Closed
120 Tranquil Cove, Mooresville (Under Contract)
111 Island Cove, Mooresville (Under Contract)

Mooresville Station:
172 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
188 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
196 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
202 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
240 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
244 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
248 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
262 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
268 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
103 Lakeshore HIlls Drive: Closed
106 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
107 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
112 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
131 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
134 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
135 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
136 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed

Northington Woods:
120 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed
131 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed
135 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed

The Orchard:
125 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
129 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
121 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
133 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
105 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed
151 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed
110 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed

The Point:
116 Wild Harbor Road (The Point 296): Closed
153 Hopkinton (The Point 1026): Closed
1731 Brawley School Road (The Point 236): (Under Contract)
138 Union Chapel (The Point 533): (Under Contract)

Verdict Ridge:
1629 Royal Troon, Denver: Closed
Lot 14 Verdict Ridge: Closed

133 Trent Pines: Closed
113 Trent Pines: Closed
121 Trent Pines: Closed
505 Kenway Loop: Closed
109 Trent Pines: Closed
118 Trent Pines: Closed
125 Trent Pines Drive: Closed
126 Trent Pines: Closed
129 Trent Pines Drive, Mooresville: Closed
132 Trent Pines Drive, Mooresville: Closed
268 Kenway loop: Closed
137 Trent Pines: Closed
111 Blue Ridge, Mooresville: Closed
115 Blue Ridge, Mooresville: Closed
169 Blue Ridge Trail: Closed
116 Cedar Branch, Mooresville: Closed
118 Cedar Branch, Mooresville: Closed
112 Cedar Branch, Mooresville Closed
121 Cedar Branch, Mooresville Closed
154 Kenway Loop (Lot 32), Mooresville: Closed
244 Kenway Loop (Lot 45),Mooresville: Closed
310 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
324 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
330 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
348 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
394 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
400 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
138 Kenway Loop (Lot 27), Mooresville: Closed
304 Kenway Loop (Lot 51), Mooresville: Closed

Custom on your Lot:
9517 Guildbrook (Davidson): Closed
210 Patternote (Devonshire): Closed
129 Aqua Drive: Closed
691 Beaten Path Rd (Shavendars Bluff): Closed
3290 Jackson Road (Acreage): Closed
18929 Serenity Point (Serenity Point): Closed
640 Bellingshire, MT Ulla: Closed
7218 Windy Ridge Drive: Closed
284 Stream Wood (Troutman): Closed
Lot 137 Sink Farm (Mooresville): Closed
225 Sink Farm Road, Mooresville: Closed
112 Manorly Lane, Mooresville: Closed
143 Tuskarora Point, Mooresville NC: Closed
380 Blume Road, Mooresville: Closed
2268 Joe Johnson Road, Catawba: Closed
Davidson Bay Lot 15, Davidson: Closed

Custom Other Waterfronts:
325 Barber Loop,  (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
694 Beaten Path Road, Mooresville: Closed
140 Southpoint, Mooresville: Closed
1410 Astoria Parkway, Catawba Closed
251 Cove Creek Loop, Mooresville: Closed
151 Broadview Court (Mooresville): Closed
44532 Little Creek (Denver): Closed
112 Nautilus Court (Troutman): Closed
100 Culpeze (Water Front): Closed
136 Wolfhill (Beacon Point): Closed
309 Whippoorwill (Waterfront): Closed
20718 East Point Drive: Closed
260 Lakeshore Drive : Closed
613 Kemp Road: Closed

Available Homes:

Hidden Meadows
Lot 1 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 2 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 6 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 7 Hidden Meadows (Southport C), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 8 Hidden Meadows  (Sandbridge A), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 10 Hidden Meadows  (Cypress II C), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 14 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 15 Hidden Meadows (Southport), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 18 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 19 Hidden Meadows (Southport), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 21 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 23 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 24 Hidden Meadows  (Carolina), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 25 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 28 Hidden Meadows (Windemere), Mooresville:  Closed

Sites to Build:

Davidson Pond
Davidson Downes

Many more coming soon….