April 29, 2017

Recent Homes

Falls Cove:
284 Streamwood Rd, Troutman NC: Closed

The Farms:
365 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
353Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
315 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
331 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
323 Bayberry Creek Circle: Closed
105 Linden Falls Court: Closed
122 Hammer Smith: Closed
113 Hoskins House Court: Closed
165 W. Callicutt: Closed
151 Freshwater Lane: Closed
110 Stamford:  Closed
108 Hoskins House Court: Closed

The Harbor:
120 Hunters Pointe Lane, Mooresville Closed
120 Tranquil Cove, Mooresville

Mooresville Station:
172 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
188 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
196 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
202 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
240 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
244 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
248 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
262 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
268 Wilson Lake Road: Closed
103 Lakeshore HIlls Drive: Closed
106 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
107 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
112 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
131 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
134 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
135 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed
136 Lakeshore Hills Drive: Closed

Northington Woods:
120 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed
131 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed
135 Holton Lane, Mooresville: Closed

The Orchard:
125 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
129 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
121 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
133 Flowering Cherry Lane: Closed
105 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed
151 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed
110 Orchard Farm Lane: Closed

The Point:
116 Wild Harbor Road (The Point 296): Closed
153 Hopkinton (The Point 1026): (Under Contract)

Verdict Ridge:
1629 Royal Troon, Denver: Closed
Lot 14 Verdict Ridge  (Under Contract)

133 Trent Pines: Closed
113 Trent Pines: Closed
121 Trent Pines: Closed
505 Kenway Loop: Closed
109 Trent Pines: Closed
118 Trent Pines: Closed
125 Trent Pines Drive: Closed
126 Trent Pines: Closed
129 Trent Pines Drive, Mooresville: Closed
132 Trent Pines Drive, Mooresville: Closed
268 Kenway loop: Closed
137 Trent Pines: Closed
111 Blue Ridge, Mooresville: Closed
115 Blue Ridge, Mooresville: Closed
169 Blue Ridge Trail: Closed
116 Cedar Branch, Mooresville: Closed
118 Cedar Branch, Mooresville: Closed
112 Cedar Branch, Mooresville Closed
121 Cedar Branch, Mooresville Closed
154 Kenway Loop (Lot 32), Mooresville: Closed
244 Kenway Loop (Lot 45),Mooresville: Closed
310 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
324 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
330 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
348 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
394 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
400 Kenway Loop, Mooresville: Closed
138 Kenway Loop (Lot 27), Mooresville: Closed
304 Kenway Loop (Lot 51), Mooresville: Closed

Custom on your Lot:
9517 Guildbrook (Davidson): Closed
210 Patternote (Devonshire): Closed
129 Aqua Drive: Closed
691 Beaten Path Rd (Shavendars Bluff): Closed
3290 Jackson Road (Acreage): Closed
18929 Serenity Point (Serenity Point): Closed
640 Bellingshire, MT Ulla: Closed
7218 Windy Ridge Drive: Closed
284 Stream Wood (Troutman): Closed
Lot 137 Sink Farm (Mooresville): Closed
225 Sink Farm Road, Mooresville: Closed
112 Manorly Lane, Mooresville: Closed
143 Tuskarora Point, Mooresville NC: Closed
380 Blume Road, Mooresville: Closed
2268 Joe Johnson Road, Catawba: Closed
Davidson Bay Lot 15, Davidson: Closed

Custom Waterfronts:
325 Barber Loop,  (Custom), Mooresville: (Under Contract)
694 Beaten Path Road, Mooresville: Closed
140 Southpoint, Mooresville: Closed
1410 Astoria Parkway, Catawba Closed
251 Cove Creek Loop, Mooresville: Closed
151 Broadview Court (Mooresville): Closed
44532 Little Creek (Denver): Closed
112 Nautilus Court (Troutman): Closed
100 Culpeze (Water Front): Closed
136 Wolfhill (Beacon Point): Closed
309 Whippoorwill (Waterfront): Closed
20718 East Point Drive: Closed
260 Lakeshore Drive  (Under Contract)

Available Homes:

Hidden Meadows
Lot 1 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: (Under Contract)
Lot 2 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: (Under Contract)
Lot 6 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 7 Hidden Meadows (Southport C), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 8 Hidden Meadows  (Sandbridge A), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 10 Hidden Meadows  (Cypress II C), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 14 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 15 Hidden Meadows (Southport), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 18 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 19 Hidden Meadows (Southport), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 21 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 23 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville: (Under Contract)
Lot 24 Hidden Meadows  (Carolina), Mooresville: Closed
Lot 25 Hidden Meadows (Custom), Mooresville:  Closed
Lot 28 Hidden Meadows (Windemere), Mooresville:  Closed

Sites to Build:

Davidson Pond
Davidson Downes

Many more coming soon….